In Burkina



Our life is undergoing many changes. Since I last posted on the blog, we moved to the country of Burkina Faso!

That meant saying good-bye to people we’ve grown to love in our last two years in Senegal.


The drive was long, but it was really fun getting to see the countryside of 3 West African countries.


We praise God that we arrived safe and sound at our co-workers’ houses.


Today we started Jula class. While French is one of the languages of Burkina Faso, not everyone speaks it, so we are going to learn some Jula. It has actually worked out that we’re starting Jula with a young girl from the people group we plan to work with!

Please pray for us as we are just beginning to meet people and start relationships. Pray for us to start grasping the language. Also pray that we will come to understand the culture here, while it is extremely similar to the culture in Senegal, there are differences. And above all pray that we will not allow ourselves to get distracted by things of the world or discouragements, but that we will keep our eyes focused on our Good Father!

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