Guinea Trip

So much has happened in the last few weeks, a wedding, we moved out of our rental house and Cameron took a trip to Guinea, a country just south of Senegal. For now I’ll just share a little about Cameron’s trip.

A missionary family just moved into the village and their house is almost done being built. Since there is no electricity or running water in this village, they were ready for their solar electric system to be installed. Cameron and a fellow missionary went to go get it installed.


It was Cameron’s first time out of Senegal, since we arrived 2 years ago.


Thankfully the drive and boarder crossing went well. They went through 6 checkpoints with multiple stops and paperwork checks at each one.


We’re thankful for the missionary tech training Cameron had, it came in very handy!



We thank God that the trip went well and they were able to get the solar electric system installed.


Please pray for the people in this village. They have yet to hear the Gospel in their language.


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