Road Trip Part 2 – Why We Went



We’re going into a pretty serious career. Missionary burnout is more common than we’d like to admit. Or how about the missionaries that stick with it, but when they look back, wish that’d they’d done things differently? We don’t want to just be people living in a foreign country, we want to be actually reaching people for Christ.

Before sending us newbies out to start church planting, our leadership has us visit a village where a church plant is already happening. It gives us a chance to learn from the experiences of others.

The particular village we visited, has heard the Good News and now we have brothers and sisters in Christ there! We got to spend 2 days talking with the couple who is working on translation. They’ve completed the New Testament, and now they’re working on books from the Old Testament.


Solar panels to power a water pump for the village.

Highlights for us were:

  • Hearing the testimony of this missionary couple who has stayed close to God and continued His work despite, sickness, rustic living, and even loosing a child.
  • Talking with believers from the village, although our conversations were limited to the few who spoke French.
  • Seeing first hand the missionary’s house, the villagers’ fields, and getting to go into a villager’s hut. Experiencing things first hand is always more impacting than just hearing about it.
  • The kid’s enjoyed splashing in a creek, collecting cool rocks and hanging out with the missionary couple.

Pray that we will follow the example of this missionary couple and serve God faithfully for years and years to come!




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