Road Trip Part 1 – African Animals!


Sometimes as Americans living in Senegal, we kinda forget that we’re IN AFRICA! And then we go on a road trip and drive through a national forest to get to our destination, and we see all kinds of cool animals and remember, “Oh yeah! We live in Africa!”

The animals we saw early on in the drive (way before the forest) were sheep, and sheep, and the most sheep I’ve seen in my life. You see, there was a big holiday coming up, where sheep are killed as a reminder of the story of Abraham and his son.


This isn’t an animal, but still cool…you see that pile of white? That’s salt taken from the lake behind it. We also saw lots of salt sacks being sold on the side of the road.


And then there were a few slow-downs…like when baby call is just so hungry he can’t stop  eating long for him and mom to move off the road.


Then we started seeing the cool stuff! Like monkeys!


The ones pictured above were shy, but later we feed some bread to the monkeys below, who we named the “Bridge Monkeys.” I guess because they were right by a check point, they were more used to humans.


Then there were warthogs…vb11


There were really cool birds too.


We saw baboons too, but didn’t get any pictures.

At the guesthouse we stayed at Calvin collected snails…but they kept running slugging away.


And when we saw this little waterfall we just had to stop and get a picture.


While they weren’t on the look-out for animals, the kids entertained themselves with UNO.


So there’s a little look into our real-life African safari, next time I’ll tell about our destination and why we went.




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