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Imagine…you’ve had a bad day, you’re discouraged, you just want some refreshment from God’s Word, you open your Bible, but it’s all gibberish, you can’t read it…it quenches no spiritual thirst.

You want to know God’s will, you’re in a tough situation, and just don’t have the wisdom on your own to know what to do. You know that God has the answers right in the book you’re holding, but you can’t read the words.

How fast would your spiritual growth be? How would you know what God has asked of you? How would you even know that God loves you?

This is why our mission not only translates the Bible, but also teaches people to be able to read it. If you have a Bible you can’t even read, it does nothing at all.

We attended a 5 day literacy workshop, where we were reminded of the why behind teaching literacy, and then we talked about how to actually go about doing it.


We got to see some actual literacy materials that missionaries had made and used.


We got to work in teams practicing making literacy primers.


And we even got to practice teaching literacy with a consultant there to give us tips.


While us grown-ups were attending the meetings, the kids had their own sessions learning verses, doing crafts and having a blast!


One of the coolest parts of all this was that there were 3 teams who stayed after the literacy workshop to work on making primers for the people groups they work with.

Could you take a moment to pray for these people groups to be able to learn to read well, so that they can read about a God who loves them?

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