And Then My Family Came!!!!!

After waiting and waiting, we spotted them! Dad, Mom and Nathan walking out of the airport! The long anticipated moment we’d been waiting for! It was so wonderful having family come and visit us!

After they got in, it started raining, so our drive back home took a little longer than usual, but that’s okay it gave us more talking time! đŸ™‚


They dove right into our life here!


They tried all kinds of new foods and especially loved the mafe (peanut sauce) and yassa (onion sauce).


They got to see how we live our daily life.


And be a part of it for a few days.


Ever since moving here, I’ve dreamed of taking my Mom to the market and finally got to do it!


When we went fabric shopping, we reminisced of how much Grandma would’ve loved all the fabrics and we missed her.


But best of all…

The kids loved spending time with Grandma and Grandpa…


…and Uncle Nathan.


And I loved our times of just sitting and talking! It’s amazing how much parents/former missionaries can be an encouragement!


Thanks for coming! It meant so much to us!


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