Christmas in the Casamance – Part 2

Part 1 if you missed it.


Saturday morning we got all ready to go to the wedding.


Once ready we headed down the trail leading to the main road so we could catch some transport to the nearby town where the wedding would be held.


The whole ceremony was done in Diola and translated into French. There was lots of singing, celebrating and dancing.


Unfortunately most of my pictures from the wedding are blurry, but it was beautiful and a very cultural experience!


Afterwards was the reception with delicious food, juice, sodas, music and more dancing.


The next day was Sunday, so we went to church. The service was a continuation of the wedding celebration. The bride and groom sat up front and the sermon was on marriage.


The brothers sporting their shirts made from the wedding material. People wore clothes made from the chosen wedding fabric Sunday to church.


After the service we headed a few blocks away from church to a place where lunch was to be served to everyone. The kids played while lunch was cooked in giant pots over fire.


Monday we spent the whole day in the village.


Hot sweet milk and bread with chocolate spread…one of my favorite breakfasts!


Sweeping is done daily. Clementine helped me tie the foulard on my head to keep dust out of my hair while we swept.


This well was right by their house, but there was also a water faucet further away.



Notice the stand on the side of that house? It’s a place to make sacrifices to a spirit.


Gerard showed Cameron some rice fields.


Bundles of rice just harvested.


Charcoal being made.


And….that’s if for now, but come back for part 3!




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