November Picture Blast


The kids have been in school 2 months now, it’s been a big change and hasn’t been easy, but we’ve seen them getting more and more comfortable with kids of another culture, and they’re picking up French.


Our kids were delighted when Sunday school started back up this month! Here’s the kids from our church ready to go learn!


About once or twice a month we go to Dakar for meetings with our mission. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to hear from Penny this time! I know many of my NY/PA friends know her!


And at the meeting we got to sing…in English…still and forever my heart language!


Cameron’s plugging away at Phase 4 in French.

I’m about to start Phase 4. Pray that we’ll stay motivated and disciplined in language/culture study.



Calvin had been wanting this kind of hair cut ever since he saw other boys with it.


Gracia and her little host brother.


I’m proud to say, I believe my French has surpassed that of this 3 year old….he still beats me in Wolof though.


Eating one of our new favorite suppers, I learned about from our host family. It’s tiny rice-shaped noodles, you boil and mix in sugar, butter and milk if you like, and serve with yogurt. And we thought we should try out our new Senegalese rug at the same time. J


We really enjoyed a weekend visit from Janel. We were together at the missionary training and now in Senegal together. As you can see…the kids couldn’t get enough of her stories!


While we missed our families this Thanksgiving, we were grateful to spend it with our new African family!


We’ve have many Senegalese meals together and for thanksgiving we had an American(ish) meal.


Gracia still reads like crazy…I feel like we need to start documenting the many reading positions of Gracia.


Calvin the little doer, wanted to help wash dishes ….(pardon the inside out shorts, I have strange children, who wear inside out things to bed).


Here’s my two goofballs.


And here they are a little more normal.

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