Quick Update & Prayer Requests

Tomorrow the kids start school!!! It’s a French-speaking, Christian school. Many of the school staff is from our church. This is a big transition for our kids as they get used to learning in a different culture and language. It’s the same school that they attended summer school at, but now the class sizes will be much bigger and the hours longer.

This week I (Katy) am starting with my own language helper. Up until now, Cameron and I have been doing sessions together, but the program we’re using has you split up later on so you can focus better on your own level of French. I’m really excited! My new helper seems really nice and I think she’s going to do a great job, but with a change in language helpers my class hours are decreasing. I really don’t want my French growth to slow down so please pray that we’ll know what we should do about my decrease in class time, and in the meantime that I’ll push hard and take opportunities to get other French times in (like visiting with people or listening to my previous French sessions).

For our neighbors across the street. The husband has had many conversations with Cameron. Our neighbor often brings up the subject of religion. He is an extremely religious man and they have been very kind to us, often giving us corn from their garden. It’s tricky, as French is not their heart language, in fact the wife doesn’t even speak French. We’ve been burdened for this family and pray that they will learn of their Saviour.

Pray for our kids as they start school here tomorrow.

Pray for our kids as they start school here tomorrow.

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