Au marché…

Katy’s trips to the market are always interesting, she even snapped some pictures today to show you.


The local market is less than a half-mile walk from our apartment. You get to see a lot of interesting sights along the way.


There is always lots of activity everywhere.


At the market. It is often very busy and crowded, but the produce is nice and fresh!  The vegetables on the blanket next to the eggplants are “bitter eggplants”  and yes, they are bitter.  We’ve actually grown to like them quite a lot.


If you like hot peppers… then this is the vendor for you!  Often things are purchased by weight or by the pile, with the produce stacked in little piles.


Being right on the ocean, there are plenty of fresh fish for sale.  We don’t know many of the names of the fish yet, but everything we have eaten has been good so far.


The outskirts of the market.  Sometimes it is easier to purchase out here without the press of the crowd.


It’s all worth it when you return home with bags of produce.  Katy usually travels to the market a couple times a week.  Cameron goes with her occasionally to help haul heavy items like meat and rice.

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