Step by step…

Coming to Senegal, we knew that a huge task lay before us like a mountain. b55b

The summit of the mountain is the goal of reaching the unreached with God’s message…. but it is so far above us, shrouded in clouds, and barely mapped out.  We can see the first few steps that are strung out along the path in front of us.

  • Learning French.
  • Becoming adapted to the culture.
  • Becoming involved in the local church.
  • Being discipled by African believers.

A little further on we can make out the next stages.

  • Settling into our more permanent ministry here.
  • Possibly moving to a different region or country
  • Learning an African trade language
  • And so on…

The climb seems monumental, and progress is slow.  But we are encouraged to know that God is with us and He has assembled an incredible team of co-laborers, both here in Africa, and back in the States.

But just like any large task, it seems impossible, but you just take it on one step at a time.

Our days here can sometimes seem monotonous.  Our days are not filled with spectacular, earth-shattering happenings that look good in missionary newsletters.  Each day is much like anyone else’s day, filled with the mundane tasks that make up any life.  But once again, it is encouraging to know that, as believers, our lives are not lived for ourselves, but for Christ.  We can live out each day in full service to Him.  It is exciting to know that what we are doing today is for a purpose, and each day takes us one step further on the journey He is allowing us to take.

We can keep our eyes on the summit of this mountain, and yet at the same time, take each step with purpose and diligence.


We have had quite a few people ask us what our days entail, and so we worked up a blog post about what a typical day looks like.  Check it out, here.

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