A day’s worth of pictures! part 1


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Here are some photos to show what a typical day can look like for us.  

We start the day off with, you guessed it…breakfast!  But before breakfast, we have to make a quick trip around the corner.  We usually buy bread everyday at a nearby store.  The kids love the baguettes.


Buying bread at the nearby boutique. The man who owns the store is very friendly and helpful.


Breakfast is often fresh baguettes with either chocolate spread or cheese.

Weekdays, our French Classes don’t start until the afternoon.  That leaves the mornings open for…

Homeschool!  Fortunately, we’re finishing up for the semester, so it doesn’t take too long any more.

The kids hard at work.

The kids hard at work.

Home school.

Home school.

Chores.  Here the kids are cleaning their fans.



Sweeping.  Calvin swept up a whole dustpan full of sand from the living room after we had been gone a week!



Laundry.  We wash our laundry by hand and hang it out to dry on the roof.  We hire a young girl to come in three days a week and help with laundry and other cleaning, but we still do a fair amount of it ourselves as well.  She is a huge help and has taught us so much.



Trips to the marché.  Katy usually goes to the local open air market every few days.  We don’t have a vehicle to bring the goods back in, so we are limited to how much we can carry.  Which is just as well because it gives us another reason to get out and be with people.  Katy is slowly getting to know some of the ladies she buys from.  Check out more photos from the market here. 



See the rest of the day in Part 2


5 thoughts on “A day’s worth of pictures! part 1

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  2. What wonderful pics. Hope Cameron’s knee is better. Sounds like you all are working hard! Any special prayer requests? Janice Myers.

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