It’s Official!!! He’s a Pryor!

Well….as of today, I can tell you that this is Calvin!

And this is what he actually looks like:

And that he is my son…my forever son, declared by the judge just this morning!

Little did we know that 21 months ago when we got a call, “There’s a 4 year old boy who needs a place to stay tonight, will you take him? He probably won’t be with you long.” And we prayed, and not even sure we were making the right move at the time, called back with a “yes.” We’d only had our fostering license a couple of days. Little did I know when they opened the door at family services, when I saw a little blonde curly haired boy with sunglasses and a t-shirt that had a smiley face and the words “no stress” on it, that he would become my forever child!

Calvin (also called Junior), is almost 6 years old. He’s having his adoption and birthday all in one month.He’s good with his hands and loves building with Legos and making forts in the house. Calvin’s athletic and loves to play outside. His favorite color is orange and he loves all superheros. He likes to eat, especially burgers, fries, strawberries and pizza…and did I mention he’s my son? 🙂


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