January 2015 Update

With those of you who have asked to receive our newsletter, we have purposed to not focus on our financial needs throughout our journey toward missions.  We would prefer to spend the time updating you on how God is working, and what He is doing in our lives.  We have asked God to provide for our ministry financially, and He has always done so!  We know we can trust Him, and we have seen Him bring in exactly what is needed, at just the right time. 

That being said, we have received counsel from several people on our financial support team, encouraging us to spend some time informing others of the funding status of our ministry.  They pointed out that there may be those who would be interested in joining our team, but are unaware of the needs.  We have prayed about and discussed this advice, and have decided to do so.

Our Ministry’s Funding Status:
We are still in the process of raising financial support.  We are currently asking God to provide additional financial supporters for this ministry.  We are very blessed for the strong financial support team God has provided so far.

As many of you know, we are planning to move to Senegal, West Africa, in April of this year.  Our future coworkers there have been gracious enough to reschedule the language program in order for us to arrive in that specific month.  However, in order for us to arrive in April, they have given usFebruary 28th as a deadline for when we need these two things accomplished:

  1. The adoption completed.
    2.Reach the required amount of financial support.

Concerning the adoption, we are happy to say that things are continuing to move along.  Excluding any unforeseen setbacks, we will have the adoption finalized in February.  Regarding the financial support, we are required by NTM to increase the amount our ministry receives by a little over $900.00 per month


We know that God is more than capable of accomplishing both of these things.  It would obviously be our desire to have them both done in order to arrive in our preferred time frame, but we know that God may have other plans.  Please pray with us that we will be content with whatever God has in store, and that we would be diligent and work hard as we seek out opportunities to share our ministry and passion with others.

In Christ Alone,

Cameron & Katy


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