10 Pictures to Sum Up 2014

Cameron completed the Missionary Tech Training.


Little Dude was with us at the begining of last year, then moved back to his birth family, then right before we were about to leave Missouri…..he came back with us! And has been with us ever since.


Cameron put to use his new tech training by helping to install a water system in Mexico.

a 37 end result

The kids started public school, 1st and kinder!


Cameron did the first part of the linguistics training.

Cameron hard at work on some linguistics homework.

We had the privilege of sharing at a missions conference (the picture below was for an interactive skit we did).

Katy and Cameron-ap0ss visit 020

I got to help 3 mornings a week in childcare, with these fantastic ladies.


A happy wedding for Cameron’s sister.


Christmas with my family!


And the year 2015???

  • Hopefully things wrapping up with Little Dude…and then I can share his name and non-blurred pictures!!!!! I’ve been dreaming of that day for a long time!
  • Cameron finishing the linguistics training.
  • And a move to Senegal!


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