December’s Highlights

My last post was all about what was going to happen in December, so I thought I’d share how it all actually went! Pictures included, because lets admit it, pictures are more fun!

Cameron’s youngest sister is now married! 🙂 Cameron got the awesome privilege of officiating the wedding!


It was awesome that their sister got to come back for this special celebration!


Christmas Travels

Our time in New York didn’t go exactly as planned, as we were sick, so we didn’t get to spend as much time with people as we had hoped and even had to cancel getting together with a few different supporters, but it was still a great Christmas and the highlight was most definitely that ALL of my family got to be together for a few days!

See, here’s the proof:familychristmasblur

And here’s us 4 kids again…don’t mind my big brother…he’s more intelligent than he looks. 🙂



Update on Little Dude

Once again, I’m not sharing much here on a public place about Little Dude’s status, but many of you know more specifically where we’re at with all that and we really appreciate your prayers. It’s crazy to think that not counting a couple of home trial visits, he’s been with us for over a year and a half!

Linguistics and Africa

Cameron will start the practicum part of the linguistics training this month with the Cherokee in Oklahoma.

Our plan is still to arrive in Senegal in April (just 4 months away????!!!!). We are praying that if God really does want us there by then He’ll work everything out, namely for Little Dude’s case to be finalized and our financial support to reach the required amount, and if He doesn’t that we’ll trust in His timing.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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