A Month Full of Wonderful Things!

The month of December is proving to be a busy one…but its a good busy…a busyness that’s full of happy things.

A Wedding!

Cameron’s sister’s getting married this weekend! We’re so happy for her and so glad to be able to be here for the wedding. And because of the wedding, his other sister and one of her boys has come back to the States, so it’s been great to be able to spend time with them.

Christmas in New York

And then of course their’s the usual busyness of Christmas, although we’re trying to keep it to a minimal. For decorations we simply hung stockings and put up a tiny tree. I guess because of the fond memories I have of the tiny tree we had for so many years in Paraguay, I’m rather partial to petite ones than big ones. 🙂


To add to the excitement of Christmas, we’re going to be spending our last Christmas in the States, with my family! 🙂 And in fact, my ENTIRE family will be able to be together for a few days! 🙂 After this trip, Little Dude will have met all of my family. (NOTE: I was going to put another smiley face here, until I realized how many smiley faces I already have in this post and thought it might be too much…but my heart is still smiling).


Little Dude!

As I mentioned in another post, things are progressing with Little Dude, I really wish I could share more, but can’t right now. So we’ve also had some meetings to attend with that, but they’ve all gone really well, and we appreciate your prayers!


Getting Ready for Africa

We’re also continuing to work towards getting ready for Africa. Just this weekend we sorted through some stuff and listed a couple of things to sell. We’ve also finished getting 3 of our passports renewed. Next up is scheduling appointments for some fun shots!!!


Right now Cameron’s finishing up the first part of the linguistics training. In January he’ll start the practicum part.

So while, a wedding, hanging out with both sides of our family, meetings, traveling and Christmas is turning into a busy month, it’s so exciting and we’re so thankful for these awesome opportunities!


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