Thankful List Part 2

Miss my Thankful List Part 1? You can read it here.

17.  Snow day!! Two Mondays ago the kids had off of school for a snow day. In the morning they went to class with Cameron (and played and watched a movie….linguistics isn’t really up their ally at this point.) And in the afternoon they got to spend some time in the snow!

18.  Got my new passport in!!

19.  And we got Gracia’s in too! We have 3 taken care of, just one left!

20.  And I’m SOOO thankful that even more progress has been made with Little Dude’s case since my last thankful post! Everything seemed so slow for awhile, but things are picking up now!

21. Friends that encourage, and sometimes I think they don’t even realize it. Just tonight, a friend sent me something that was perfect timing! Just minutes before sitting down to the computer, Cameron and I had been talking with Little Dude, about some of the very same things my friend sent me!

22.  A local church donated food to New Tribes students for Thanksgiving, we got a turkey and a box full of goodies! Some of those goodies included personal sized boxes of cereal….one of our kids’ favorite things! 🙂

23.  My sis-in-law and nephew arrived safely today from the other side of the world!

24.  Getting to spend this Thanksgiving with most of Cameron’s side of the family.

25.  And we’ll probably be seeing all of my side of the family around Christmas! We’re so grateful for these opportunities to be with family!

26.  That we’re all healthy!!! You know how it’s easy to take advantage of something, until you don’t have it? We’ll the stomach bug hit 3 of the 4 in our family, and now that we’re better, we’re reminded to be thankful for our good healthy!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

I'm thankful God allowed us to meet 12 years ago!

I’m thankful God allowed us to meet 12 years ago!

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