Thankful List Part I

I was thinking about everyday in the month of November sharing one thing I’m thankful for, but I haven’t done that. So how about I catch up to 16 things, since today’s the 16th?

  1. First thing I’m thankful for today…..just this past week we heard that some progress has been made with Little Dude’s case!!!!!!!!!!! We were so thrilled by this, as it had been a long time of us not knowing about any progress and we were getting rather discouraged.
  2. I’m also thankful for the snow we got today. The kids are outside right now soaking in the snow (both figuratively and literally…the snow’s soaking through their layers). I’m glad they’re getting a chance to enjoy some snow fun, since this will be our last winter in the US.
  3. This week we got to personally meet some missionaries that work in Senegal. We had meet them before over Skype, but it was so nice to meet them for real and we’re excited to work under their leadership!
  4. Cameron’s parents, brother and one sister are in the area right now. We’re enjoying time with them and we’ll even get to see his other sister and one of her boys soon too!
  5. I’m thankful that we’ll probably get to see most of my family over Christmas break!
  6. Cameron – I’m so glad I get to go on this crazy journey with someone who loves adventure and pushes through hardship.
  7. Gracia – I absolutely love having this girl in my life. She makes me laugh and is always willing to give me a hug when I’m having a bad day. Plus I love her sense of fashion and how she sings and dances her heart out!
  8. Little Dude – Over the year and a half that this guy’s been in our life he’s brought such a great dynamic. Helping his older (but smaller) sister out, making us laugh and seeing his determination to learn things he sets his mind too. I wish I didn’t have to hide his handsome face in blog pictures.
  9. Some of the things we’re getting done to prepare for our move, like mine and Gracia’s passports are being renewed right now, and last week I was able to take 2 boxes to our local consignment store because it was 2 Box Tuesday!
  10. God’s faithfulness in my weakness, and how my weakness actually reminds me that I need His strength.
  11. A warm bed, blankets and pillows to sleep with every single night.
  12. An amazing book that I just finished reading called, Forever Mom, What to Expect When You’re Adopting. I’d recommend it to adoptive parents and foster parents!
  13. A running fact Cameron was just working on it this weekend and it looks like he fixed a problem we were having with it!
  14. The kids’s school pictures. Gracia’s hair was rather crazy in the picture…but then it’s usually crazy, so I guess it depicted her well. 🙂
  15. A home with a good heating system.
  16. Weekends




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