Strep Throat & Ebola

Gracia had a sore throat, we didn’t think much of it until she started getting feverish, so we monitored her temperature, gave her water and pedialight, and put her to bed early. Her fever broke in the night, and the next morning she seemed like her usual self again. I was glad to be over the hump of the sickness, and then she came into the room and said, “Look at how many bug bites are on my tummy!” Except…they weren’t bug bites, it was a rash. It didn’t seem to be going away, but actually spreading, so Cameron took her to the doctor where she was tested for strep throat. Sure enough she has strep and is now on antibiotics. The good news is that she’s made it her first 6 years of life without having to get on antibiotics until now.

My initial reaction to her having strep was,

“What if it spreads to the rest of us? Then the kids might miss school, then I’ll have to miss childcare, then we might have to make another drive to the doctor and pharmacy.” I felt my worries getting stronger.

But then I realized how selfish I’m being. We live close to a doctor…actually we live close to lots of doctors! We have the money to pay a doctor and to pay for medication. We’re dealing with a sickness that isn’t fun at all and inconvenient, but I’m not worried about any of us dying from it.

And my thoughts went to West Africa…and ebola. What if Gracia had ebola? I wouldn’t be worried about her missing school, I’d be worried about her even living (from what I’ve read, she’d have about a 50% chance of living). I’d be worried out of my mind about it spreading to others as it’s highly contagious, just think, our whole family could be wiped out by this horrible disease, and it could be spread to friends and neighbors.

This ebola outbreak really breaks my heart. Missionaries are pulling out of some countries because of it.I think about those in the countries. Those who don’t know of the hope of Christ, and those that do know of His hope. I pray that the believers there will be bold to share of a God who desires for all men to know Him! 1 Tim. 2:4


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