Tech Training In Pictures

I was going to have Cameron put a description under each picture, to explain what they were learning in his missionary technology training…but he’s in Mexico right now….doing IRL tech stuff! I did put some captions myself…but just know I didn’t know what to put for all of them. That’s why I wasn’t the one taking the tech course. 🙂


Learning about sewage treatment.


Working with cement.


 It’s cool to see this picture, since it had something to do with water flow, and right now he’s in Mexico helping with a water project!



 The 3 guys in the middle were the students in the tech course this past semester. The other 2 men were a couple of the teachers.


Cameron even got to help teach the basic tech course.

 For part of the course, he got to help teach the basic tech course all students take.

They also covered things like refrigeration, solar panels, water filtration, generators and much more.

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