By Road and By Air, Cameron is Mexico Bound!

Please be praying for Cameron over the next couple of weeks as he will be gone on a big trip helping with a water project for a people group in central Mexico.  The group has NTM missionaries living there with them, and they are very excited about hearing God’s message from the missionaries (who have just passed their final language evaluation, and are preparing to begin teaching).  These people live very scattered throughout the arid mountains, and one cluster of families has to walk over a mile everyday to haul water for drinking and bathing.  Cameron, along with the missionaries and the locals, will be tapping a nearby spring, and then installing collection tanks, a solar-powered pump, over 1000′ of tubing, and head tanks in the village.  This will greatly aid this people group and will demonstrate to them God’s love for them.

Cameron left out this morning from Missouri, and is headed to Texas, in our Cessna 172.  Once he gets to Texas, he will deliver the aircraft to its new owner who has purchased it (a huge answer to prayer).  Afterwards, he will meet up with his parents and travel by car south, over the border, into Chihuahua, Mexico.   Once arriving in Chihuahua, he will have a day to get a few supplies together and then he will be catching a flight with another mission aviation organization far into the interior of Mexico.  He will then stay with the missionaries there in the remote mountainous region.   He is planning on completing the project in less than a week, and then flying back to Chihuahua.  Once there, he will take a bus up to El Paso, and then a commercial flight to Springfield MO, were we will be reunited with him once again!

He is very excited to get to help with this project.  Not only will he be putting to work many of the things he learned over the last few months in the Tech Course, but he will also be helping demonstrate God’s love to a people group who desperately need to know God. 

So please pray for him on this trip, we know that God is in control and that He alone is the one who can bring all of these varied plans and traveling methods together.  He is the one who will protect Cameron and give him the endurance he needs to get this job done.  Also please pray for the people group and the missionaries Cameron will be working with.  The missionaries there have just passed their final language evaluations and are preparing to teach God’s truth to these people. Pray that the people will get their thirst quenched from the one true source of Living Water!


Cameron's excited to put to use the things he's learned in the tech course!

Cameron is excited to put to use the things he’s learned in the tech course!

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