Countdown to January!

We have very exciting news!  As many of you know, we were accepted as members of NTM earlier this year.  We have also been praying and thinking about where God would have us serve.  It has been a long journey of praying, seeking council, having long discussions, and researching.  During that time, God began directing us to look into the needs in West Africa.  It wasn’t long before God continued to focus our attention on that area of the world, and we began the process of applying to the leadership there.

Just a few weeks ago, the lengthy application process and interviews came to a conclusion, and we are now free to announce that we have been accepted and are now considered by New Tribes to be en route to West Africa!!

Our plan is to move to Senegal in January, 2015 (just 10 months away!). We’ll live in Dakar, Senegal for a year or two while learning the French language, West African culture, and building relationships with the nationals and the national churches.  During this time of language and culture learning, we will also be looking to God to direct us toward the long term ministry we will have in West Africa.

We are very excited about living and working in West Africa!  We have been greatly encouraged by meeting and talking with some of the other NTM missionaries who are already working there.  We know it will be a huge honor to work alongside and learn from those who have such a heart for God and for reaching those who haven’t heard God’s message.

Thank you to all of you who are a part of this team!

The country of Senegal, where we'll spend our first couple of years in West Africa.

The country of Senegal, where we’ll spend our first couple of years in West Africa.

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