What We’re Doing…In Pictures

Cameron has been in the Missionary Tech Specialist classes for  2 weeks now.


He’s in class from 8-5 with a 1 hour lunch break, then has homework in the evenings. As part of the training the tech-specialists get the opportunity to help teach the basic tech training that all students take.



FLASHBACK!! Me in tech class last year:


While Cameron’s learning about imaginary numbers, brushless motors, and lots of other things I know nothing about, I’m home with the kids, Gracia and our foster son “Little Dude.”


We’re in our 4th week of homeschooling. Gracia’s in kindergarten and starting to learn how to read. Little Dude is working away in his pre-school book. His favorite is learning with legos. 🙂


We also got the privilege of seeing Big Sis and Little Bro again! We’ve taken care of them 2 times before, and this last week we watched them over the weekend for their foster parents. Sorry we can’t show any of their adorable faces.


Please pray for us to manage our time well between Cameron’s classes, homework, homeschooling, foster-related things, parenting, and getting everything in place for moving overseas. But most importantly pray that we’ll continue to grow closer to our God in everything!

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