I Didn’t Come Here to Learn THAT!

Why am I at this missionary training? To learn how to be a good little missionary….you know, how to tell people about God, how to learn a language well, how to fit into a culture, how to cook from scratch, how to homeschool when in another country, etc….

One of our teachers has told us that God’s classroom can be anywhere, not just in a literal classroom setting. You may remember that we fostered a little boy for most of the summer, and how we fostered a sibling group of 2 for 8 days during the summer. Well….guess what? We have Little Dude back with us again, and the sibling group we had for 10 days this past month too, so their foster parents could go on a trip. Doubling the number of people in our house happened while we were in a class that everyone deems an intense class. And the kids were supposed to be in daycare for most of the day, which we thought would give us some time to do our homework during this intense class, but then we ended up with 2 kids with fevers, so daycare was out of the picture most days.

How did I react to this? It’d be easy to lie right now and say that I put on my super-woman cape and managed to keep up with the kids, classes and homework, all without complaining or a bad attitude. But that wouldn’t be the truth. My weakness was more evident than ever.

While I was missing classes, God was using His own kind of classroom, once again showing me that I need to run to Him. One evening when I was distressed from all that had gone on that day I decided to look up some verses that had meant a lot to me at a previous Bible study and as I read Hebrews 12, verse 3 hit me like a ton of bricks. It talked about being weary and faint. That was me!! I was weary and faint, but the verse says how to combat that…it says to consider Christ. The whole time I was thinking about how I had to mother 4 kids, I had to take kids to the doctor, I had to get up at night with a coughing kid, I had to do laundry, I had to miss classes, I had to get homework done, I had to clean the house, and did anyone even realize how much I was going through?? Everything was about me. My focus wasn’t on Christ at all. Reading not just verse 3, but all the verses around it expound more on focusing on Christ and how to endure. Maybe that’s not the lesson we were being taught in class, but I’m pretty sure it’s a lesson God was is teaching me. I hate difficulties, but God doesn’t waste them, He allows them to show us the ways we need more of Him and less of us.


One thought on “I Didn’t Come Here to Learn THAT!

  1. Love it! It’s always better when we ask ourselves, what dose the lord want to teach me, rather then why me?

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