Riddle Me This…

Q: What are every single one of you doing right now???????

A: READING!!! You’re reading this, or at the very least someone is reading it out loud to you, but none the less some reading is going on.

I remember not being able to read before first grade, and reading simple books once I was done, but I don’t really remember the process or how I learned. Just today I’ve read things from books, blogs, power-points, signs and facebook. I know that I take reading for granted.

One of the goals of New Tribes Mission is to get Bibles into people’s own language…but what good is a Bible if you can’t read it? We just finished a class on literacy, the why, the what and the how. In fact we got to practice by working on making our own first primer!

I have no idea what my future holds, but a little part of me wants to be able to be a part of teaching people how to read, so they can access God’s Word whenever they want!

The literacy book Cameron and I made.

The literacy book Cameron and I made.



2 thoughts on “Riddle Me This…

  1. wishing you the best with the project. i taught my four kids to read at home and it’s a wondrous thing to watch them read a book of their own.

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