Update letter Feb. 2013 – What Are We Learning?

Last semester I told you a little bit about the classes we were taking, but this semester is a whole new set of classes! We’re learning so much good information to help us be more effective missionaries! Here’s just a little glimpse into some of our classes:

Katy learning to solder.

  • Missionary Technology – Imagine living somewhere so remote there’s no power company to service you….what do you do? That’s exactly what we’re learning about! Solar panels, generators, battery maintenance,  soldering (see picture), volts, watts, amps…and the list could go on! As you can imagine Cameron is eating this class up…and I, Katy….we’ll let’s just say I’m thankful for Cameron! 🙂
  • Biblical Parenting – How are we going to be effective missionaries if we can’t even handle our children right? This class was a great challenge to Cameron and I. The book we used for this course was Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp, I highly recommend it!
  • Families in Ministry – What does it look like when you go into missions as a whole family? What part will your kids play in the ministry? How will you school them? How will you connect them to your home country and at the same time integrate them into the new culture? This class helped us look into these kinds of questions.
  • Student Teaching – In this class we get to have lots of practice getting up in front of people and speaking. Like our teacher has pointed out to us, if we’re going to be missionaries we’re going to have to talk!
  • New Testament Church Principles – We say we’re going out to build churches…and not a church building, but a church body, so what does that look like? What are things we should have in the church because they’re Biblical and what things are just cultural? How will we know when the church is established and mature? We’re digging these difficult questions!

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