What are We Learning?

Our class!

Why in the world do we need to take 3 whole semesters to dedicate to learning how to be a missionary? What in the world are we learning anyways? Here’s just a glimpse of the many things we’ve been delving into this semester:

  • Foundational Bible Teaching – In this class we not only heard about the importance of teaching God’s Word sequentially from beginning to end, but also got to practice some Bible teaching ourselves!
  • Worldview Analysis – We learned about how significantly your worldview affects your actions and we were challenged with areas our own worldviews need to change.
  • Teamwork – Many missionaries leave the feild because they can’t get along with other people. We know that God values unity in His Body because of the many verses dedicated to it. Our teamwork class has been eye opening and humbling!
  • Phonetics – We sit in class and say all kinds of crazy sounds! The better hold we get on being able to pronounce different sounds, the less accent we’ll have when learning another language.

These are just a few of the many classes we’ve been going through. We feel so privileged to be here learning from so many experienced missionaries!

To keep up with us more you can visit my (Katy) personal blog, which I update more often: Purposely Frugal. 

Cameron teaching on Jesus and Nicodemus for Foundational Bible Teaching Class

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