On our way to New Tribe Mission training center!

We are excited to tell you that we have been accepted to begin training with New Tribes Mission this August. The Missionary Training Center (MTC) is located in Roach, Missouri, near the lake of the Ozarks. The training lasts for 3 semesters and we will be living there on the campus and going to school full time until December of 2013. We will receive training on language learning, cross-cultural communication, and even technical skills like the maintenance of solar cells. We are excited about what God has to teach us there and the opportunities for ministry and relationships with other believers. We are also happy to announce that Cameron has finished his courses at Midland College Aviation Maintenance School and is now a licensed Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic. He is currently overhauling the engine on our Cessna 172 and hopes to have it completed in the next couple weeks so we can sell the plane. Please pray for us as we prepare for this next big step towards our goal of overseas mission work with New Tribes. The next few weeks will be busy with working, packing, and selling our travel trailer (our current home), airplane, and other assorted items. Thank you so much for partnering with us in the job that God has set before us with your prayer and financial support. We trust in God 100% to enable us to do this and He is choosing to work through you to facilitate it happening.

In Christ ALONE, Cameron, Katy & Gracia


New Mailing Address: 134 Main Dr. Roach, MO 65787

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