Treasures or Promises?

This life on earth offers us little in the way of fulfillment, hope, or value.  In 1 Peter it says that “all flesh is grass” which withers and dies.  In Ecclesiastes, God teaches us that all the works of man are in vain and ultimately pointless.  Paul, in his letter to the Philippians, trots out his list of earthly accomplishments, and concludes that they are as worthless as garbage.


It is clear that God wants us to change our viewpoint on what truly matters in this life.  The value set that God’s Word presents is radically different from that which we may be living our life in accordance with.  The Bible teaches us that the things which seem important, like wealth, prosperity, good health, friends, and happiness, really aren’t!


Those things, which are not inherently bad, pale in comparison to the things which we have in Christ, as believers, RIGHT NOW.  Wealth can never bring true joy.  The number of friendships you maintain has nothing to do with whether or not you are experiencing peace, or contentment.  Is our ability to be used by God to fulfill His will dependent on our health?  No!  God’s promises to us transcend these earthly conditions!


If the truths taught in God’s Word are so much more valuable to us than any thing we could gain here, why do we continue to live as if the opposite were true.  Let’s choose to change our point of view on what matters to agree with God’s truth.  Let’s join with Paul in counting all earthly accomplishments as rubbish!


       1 Peter 1:23-25,  Ecclesiastes 1,  Philippians 3:4-8

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