Merry Christmas from the Pryors

Merry Christmas from all three of us!

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! This Thanksgiving we were thanking God that Katy’s parents and brother: Daniel, Peggy and Nathan Crane (New Tribes Missionaries to Paraguay) were able to come visit for Thanksgiving. We were also blessed to be able to spend Christmas with Cameron’s parents and two of his siblings: David, Sherri, Bethany and Matthew Pryor (New Tribes Missionaries to Mexico). God is so good to give us a wonderful family and to allow us to see each other!

How the Aviation Training is Coming:

As you know, our goal is to be missionaries in a foreign country, with Cameron serving as a pilot and plane mechanic.  While we have occasionally become frustrated with events happening slower than we would like, we find that when we reflect back on all the amazing ways God has provided and worked situations out for us it reminds us that He is truly in control!  Here are just a few of the ways God has blessed us:

  • We have been able to purchase an airplane at a very reasonable price for Cameron to do his training in, and thereby avoid the money-wasting process of aircraft rental.
  • Cameron has been able to accrue many hours flying our airplane just over the last few months, purchasing fuel at a discounted price from the FBO he manages.
  • We were able to have the annual inspection on the airplane done free of charge!
  • We were accepted for enrollment at the School for Mission Aviation Technology (SMAT) located in Ionia, Michigan.  There Cameron will complete a one-year Aircraft Mechanic course.
  • We have had several corporate pilots who regularly fly to Fort Stockton offer instrument instruction to Cameron for free.

As we thank God for what He has allowed us to do, we also realize that there is still much to be done and we ask that you pray for us to keep moving forward and to not get side tracked. We have to constantly remind ourselves to rely on Christ and His strength.

We want to thank each of you that take a part in our lives, whether it is by encouraging us, praying for us, befriending us or supporting us. We really appreciate you!

In Christ,

Cameron, Katy and Gracia Pryor

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