November Picture Blast

The kids have been in school 2 months now, it’s been a big change and hasn’t been easy, but we’ve seen them getting more and more comfortable with kids of another culture, and they’re picking up French. Our kids were delighted when Sunday school started back up this month! Here’s the kids from our church…



We wanted to share some more pictures with everyone showing what we have been up to the last couple of months. We realized after looking through our pictures that the majority are of Calvin and Gracia and their various activities. So enjoy this kid-focused update!


Half a Year!!!

Did you know we’ve been in Senegal for over ½ a year now? It’s hard to believe Africa’s been our home for 6 months and counting! In many ways our lives have changed…we’ve done so many things for the first time…we’ve had so many rich experiences…we’ve learned so much…there’s been fun things, and hard things…but…

Pray for our kids as they start school here tomorrow.

Quick Update & Prayer Requests

Tomorrow the kids start school!!! It’s a French-speaking, Christian school. Many of the school staff is from our church. This is a big transition for our kids as they get used to learning in a different culture and language. It’s the same school that they attended summer school at, but now the class sizes will…