A Day’s worth of pictures! Part 2

PART 2 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 Some mornings we also walk down to a nearby supermarket for items we can’t get in the market. We also buy fruit from the fruit stand out front. It’s almost time to start preparing lunch!  Since we have classes in our house right after lunch,…


A day’s worth of pictures! part 1

PART 1 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 Here are some photos to show what a typical day can look like for us.   We start the day off with, you guessed it…breakfast!  But before breakfast, we have to make a quick trip around the corner.  We usually buy bread everyday at a…


Worshiping God with our fellow believers

One of our favorite things we have had the opportunity to do here is attend the local churches.  Getting to worship God along side our brothers and sisters is a true honor. Sometimes we’ll sing a song in French, Wolof and English, and there’s always some people singing in sign language.

Gracia likes buses, while Calvin prefers the taxis.

Pryor Kids in Senegal

A big thanks to any of you who have been praying for our kids’ transition to our life in Senegal! While there have been some hard things, over all they’ve done really well and I thought you might enjoy hearing a little about what THEY like about living in Senegal. Both: Pineapple soda Apple soda…


Settling in.

We’ve been living in Dakar Senegal for almost one month now… take a look at some pictures of our time here so far. -Cameron